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Add new main template to jease


Add tabler template.


RTL version


RTL version of jease was released.(for Persian language)


Jease 3.2 released

Jease 3.2 with Solr support released

Jease goes Russia


Thanks to Ivan for providing a russian translation of this website.

More News


Add Meta tag configuration

Add Meta tag configuration


Easy installation
All you need is a Java Development Kit and you're up and running in less than a minute
Customizability & Robustness
With a little knowledge in Java, HTML and CSS you can build your highly customized site in a very short amount of time with the power and safety of Java at your fingertips.
Outstanding Performance
Serves several thousand concurrent requests per second from decent server hardware.
Various content types out of the box
Folder, Text, File, Image, Media, News, Discussion, Wiki, Script, Gallery and more.
Extensibility through the web
Jease allows to enhance existing content types with additional properties directly through the CMS. Additionally you can edit your page templates (and related ressources like CSS) via a Transit-Object via the CMS in the file system to change/adapt the site layout at runtime.
Pretty URLs
SEO-friendly URLs without any obscure parameters.
Transparent Relocation
Renaming or moving content in the CMS automatically adapts internal links, so your site is always in a good shape.
Revision support
Each change of a content type is stored as revision and can be reverted with one click.
Ordered Folders
Determine the order of content objects stored in a Folder by simply dragging them around.
Instant preview
Preview your changes without the need to save them before.
User-friendly interface
Support for WYSIWYG- and Code-Editors with automatic syntax highlighting.
Integrated Link Checker
Checks the existence of all external links automatically.
Redirect Service
Create complex redirect rules based on regular expressions directly through the CMS.
Script support
Supports Java compilation at runtime or a scripting language of your choice.
Upload files with one click and extract ZIP-archives on the fly.

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