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Do you want to contribute to Jease? Writing documentation is a good place to get started and will help to get people becoming more familiar with Jease. Any contribution is appreciated.


Jease tries to follow strictly the rule of separation of concerns and is therefore divided into three main-layers:

jease.cmf (= Content Management Framework)
This layer provides the core components on which you build your custom CMS-solutions. This layer is intended for developers only and you shouldn't care about it when starting with Jease.

jease.cms (= Content Management System)
This is where the default CMS is programmatically "configured" and serves as an best-practice-example on how to develop customized CMS-applications with Jease.

jease.site (= Website)
All stuff needed for rendering a website. This layer is divided further into a few helper-classes in WEB-INF/src and the actual workhorses in form of Java Server Pages in Jease/site.

Last modified on 2011-06-28 by Maik Jablonski