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Do you want to contribute to Jease? Writing documentation is a good place to get started and will help to get people becoming more familiar with Jease. Any contribution is appreciated.


You can create redirect rules based on the syntax of Java regular expressions directly through the CMS via "System » Redirect".

Here are some examples which show you the main idea:

If you rename the folder "coffeeklatsch" to "blog" and want all content to be redirect accordingly, you can use the following rule:

Source: /coffeeklatsch/?(.*)
Target: /blog/$1

If you want to redirect a page called /google to google.com, you can use:

Source: /google
Target: http://www.google.com/

If you want to enable the context editing feature (switching from public site to CMS with context of current path) by simlpy adding a ! to any path, you can use the following rule:

Source: (.*)!
Target: /cms?$1

Last modified on 2011-09-13 by Maik Jablonski