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Do you want to contribute to Jease? Writing documentation is a good place to get started and will help to get people becoming more familiar with Jease. Any contribution is appreciated.

Solr Configuration

For use Solr in your project, please check this step:

1)Download last version of solr from http://lucene.apache.org/solr/downloads.html

2)Download jease core for solr from https://github.com/jease/solr-core/archive/jease.zip

3)Copy above file to <SOLR_HOME>/

4)Start Solr from command line

5)Now you can use your solr address in JEASE_SOLR_URL


For copy current data from Object Database (DB4O,PERST,ZOODB) you can use this command to copy it.

java -cp target/ROOT/WEB-INF/classes:target/ROOT/WEB-INF/lib/* jfix.db4o.engine.migration.AnytoSolr http://localhost:8983/solr/jease

Please notice that if you start using jease and want to use Solr, no need to above command, because all data and new page store in Object database and store in Solr simultaneously. so be happy...

Last modified on 2018-06-10 by Mohammad Ghasemy