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RTL version


RTL version of jease was released.(for Persian language)

Jease 2.11 released


Dialogs, Trash Configuration, Creation Date, Improved Access, LinkProperty, Scalr

Jease goes Russia


Thanks to Ivan for providing a russian translation of this website.

More News


Jease 2.11 released

Dialogs, Trash Configuration, Creation Date, Improved Access, LinkProperty, Scalr

» Download Jease 2.11 «

  • If you're upgrading from Jease 2.10 or below, please make sure to remove the reference to site/service/Pagebase.jsp in your page templates.


  • Dialogs are closed on save.
  • Allow to specify "days to keep" for emptying trash via control panel.
  • JeaseConfig is now injectable via cms/index.zul.
  • Added creationDate to Content class.
  • Allow to use multiple Access objects within a single folder.
  • Made References useable for Access objects.
  • Added a LinkProperty which allows to add internal or external links as properties.
  • Use Scalr for image scaling and resizing (ultra quality).


  • Moved PDF conversion to ConvertAPI due to dependency impact between Tika and FlyingSaucer. Removed jars for FlyingSaucer and iText.
  • FilenameConverter: use a hyphen instead an underscore as replacement for invalid ids to make Google happy.
  • Improved Spanish I18N provided by Juan López.
  • Removed Pagebase.jsp (base-tag isn't needed anymore).
  • Use target=_blank for PDF-Links.

Bug fixes

  • Fulltext search in admin view was broken.
  • Fixed missing UTF-8 conversion in jfix.compiler.


  • Tika 1.4
  • XStream 1.4.5
  • Tomcat 7.0.47

Last modified on 2013-12-08 by Maik Jablonski